Video Compressor – Reduce size

Video Compressor - Reduce size

Video Compressor – Reduce size

Tran Thanh
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If you are worry about share large video then this application is more useful to you. this application compress you big size video to small size without quality change of video.

Now you can share video by email or messenger. This app is very easy to use. Just Pick up your video from Gallery and compress it to final video in less size and save more memory space.

Benefit :-
• Powerful video compression application implements the most advanced video compression to provide the highest quality / file size ratio.
• Shows the estimated resulting video file size….
• Possibility to save and share video compression…

Features :-

• Reduce size more than 80% of the original size of Full HD video.
• Basically 3 types of compression:- Low, VGA and 720p quality videos…..
• Compressed video stored in photo albums.
• Providing native compression progress.
• Store compressed video in the “Compressed Videos” album.
• If you want delete original video to save storage space.
• No Metadata, No Watermark and No Time Limit.
• With Advertisement But you can remove using InAppPurchase.
• Application available with more than 27+ Languages.

Very Good Application and Use Daily Basis with Best Price.

Hello world! Developing a valuable app for life is my passion. For a better world